• Project, Proposal, Production and Management of Novelty Goods

    Morita Corporation has offices in Shanghai and Donggan to focus on latest trends and goods. We are always searching for the latest information on new products in the market,, and have eyes on popular and upcoming goods in Europe, USA and Asia. By having a wide range of information on goods, we propose “right” project to fit customers and clients’ needs. We provide the sample design and make sure that the project delivers 100% superior quality. After we receive the mass production order, we dispatch our staff to the factory to fulfill our responsibility for quality and schedule management.Upon shipping the product, we perform as the exporting company in China, and will be responsible for delivery to the customer and perform necessary customs clearance procedure. We accept small orders as well and respond to all enquiries.

  • Project, Production and Sales of “Original Goods”

    Morita Corporation offers solution to project, production and sales of “Original Good” in addition to the novelty goods.
    “Original Goods” comprise a variety of products which are produced from expertise and unique concept of Morita Corporation. We invent products to reach provide convenience in our daily life. We offer a variety of goods from daily commodities to electric devices which are sold to world-wide customers through international exhibitions in Shanghai or Hong Kong.

  • Import, Development and Sales of Foreign Product

    Morita Corporation assists you to sell foreign goods, especially Japanese goods, in China.
    China is an attractive market which holds a vast number of consumers. However, when you sell foreign products in China, you may encounter challenges from cultural or business environment differences.
    To sell your product in China, we prepare the necessary research of the relevant market and specific strategies. If necessary, we work with you to make modifications to your product to fulfill the Chinese consumer’s expectation. Please share your ideas with us, so that we can devote ourselves to support you to make your Chinese dream come true.

  • Management of Idea Station

    Idea Station is the social network platform which is open to anybody at free of charge.
    Please join us if you have good idea : →

    Let’s share in the joy of creating a new product!